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In 2012, Wolf was selected by the second round of the draft, and his eighth year has spent all here. Although occasionally injured, Wolf played 108 games and all started. In 2016, he signed a 4-year contract with the wild horse. He obtained the 7th killing of the new height of his career last season. In his career, he got 299 hugs for 33 killing.

Yellton likes the current competitive atmosphere. He told reporters: "I have no chance to come in a few years in the past few years (McCoo, Gore). I can learn a lot cheap jerseys From china them. This is now I and the future, I am a priceless treasure. The competition will be in full swing. At least they said this: no matter how it will definitely be competition. "

T.J. Yilton: Bill running, competition, is in full swing
Beijing June 28th, Bill added a lot of running guards this year, and the old Frank Gore, TJ Yelton, Xiwen Singgitri will Competition with Leeen McCoy.

"They have not contacted me. They talked to my brokers during the comprehensive investigation camp," Wolf said. "They have seen it, they will let me enter the free player market, see how I am in the market. This is a business, this is a courteous way to me to reply to me & lsquo; we like you, we love you, But won't give you so much money. & Rsquo; "

Beijing time on Tuesday, November 6, 9:20 early, the ninth week of regular season welcomes the dowel of Tenna Xitan and Dallas. The two teams currently have 3 wins and 4 losses, and they have spent the wheel last week. In terms of historical records, the two teams played in the 2014 season last time, at that time, the denim was defeated. This season, the two teams are currently the second place in each self-partition, fighting the quota of the playoffs.

Grasiki is a dolphin's 20-year-old section of 2018, height 1.98 m, weight 111 kg. During the training camp, Grassi's sports ability and rugby skills made him many times a red area to attack powerful weapons. After Gray reimburse, Grassi became the most worthy of the closest end of the dolphine team.

Viking Coach Mike - Mike Zimmer repeatedly taking care of his quarterly emotions at the press conference after the game. "I assume that he can continue to play the game," said the season, "Teddy is really too unwilling."

Bridgewater first Wiki four-point guard, performance can be used
Teddy Bridgewater basically did all the expectations of Minnesota Weijing in his Sunday, the first expectation - Idea He can end the game. This rookie quad-defense was hurt in the fourth quarter in the fourth quarter in the fourth quarter, Bridgewater told NFL Media's reporter his ankle and looking forward to the night. Faced with Green Bay Package Series.

"I have worked hard to participate in this program for many years," Braddy said in the show. "I have been trying to participate in the show and create a wonderful program for you. When you hear (commented on my daughter), I will feel disappointed. My daughter, or any child, obviously should not be treated like this."

Breddy is dissatisfied with his daughter being taken in advance.
New England Patriots Four-point Wei Tom Brady ended his programs at the Boston Sports Radio in advance Monday. He said that his dissatisfaction is because a host of the station last week to his daughter's commentary.

Bridgewater is extremely good before injury, and 30 passed the ball to get 317 yards, and got a 27-code ball to reach, this round show did not have a mistake to conversion and confident move forward. "He is too calm", Cordarrel Patterson, said the Pigdle performance of Bridgewater, "He is very calm under pressure." This is the first show for a quadrant career. Not a bad start.